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Beginning with new books, and released in September as part of the always-excellent Palgrave Lacan Series was Ed Pluth and Cindy Zeiher’s On Silence: Holding the Voice Hostage. Promoting a Lacanian approach which “puts silence to work”, the book seeks to set itself apart from perspectives which would treat silence as mystical or impossible. Its chapters consider silence as an “impossible object”, an “enabling condition”, a practice, and as treatment itself.

Also released at the end of September in North America was Chenyang Wang’s Subjectivity In-Between Times. The highly-acclaimed exploration of time in Lacan’s work takes us from the ‘Logical Time’ paper of the 1940s, through successive phases which the author labels as Real Time, Symbolic Time, Symptomatic Time, and Sexed Time. The book is also part of the Palgrave Lacan Series and will be released in the UK in November.

Barbara Cassin’s Jacques the Sophist: Lacan, Logos, and Psychoanalysis is due to be released later in October. Re-examining the Seminar from the perspective of Ancient Greek philosophy, this new English translation of Cassin’s work presents Lacan as analyst who, “like the sophist, allows performance, signifier, and inconsistency to reshape truth”.

Lacanian theory is put into use alongside Kantian critical philosophy in David Collings’ Disastrous Subjectivities: Romaniticism, Modernity, and the Real, due to be published by University of Toronto Press later in October. It offers a reading of Mary Wollstonecraft, William Godwin, Wordsworth, Byron, Shelley and other Romantic writers to take the novel as its basis for exploring moral autonomy. “What passes for modernity takes shape not as truly modern or secular, but as a mode perpetually haunted by a traumatic sublime”, Collings argues. “The demand to realize justice within history turns out to require more than history can make possible, and more than the subject can bear.”

Sergio Benvenuto’s Conversations with Lacan: Seven Lectures for Understanding Lacan has a publication date announced for the end of the year in December. An introductory book, it attempts to provide in accessible, conversational language an overview of the key ideas in Lacan’s work. Benvenuto is a psychoanalyst in Rome and Editor of the European Journal of Psychoanalysis. As a Routledge publication, ordering through the link at the top of the page will give you a 20% discount and free global shipping.

Also due out at the end of December from Routledge is Lacan and the Formulas of Sexuation: Exploring Logical Consistency and Clinical Consequences by Guy Le Gaufey. Examining the logic behind Lacan’s work on sexuation in his late period, the book combines Aristotelian logic with Klein’s work on the part-object to offer a way of understanding this knotty subject and what Lacan brought to it.

Looking further ahead to newly-announced releases for 2020, January will see The Son’s Secret by Massimo Recalcati released in English courtesy of Alice Kilgarriff’s translation and publishers Polity. Arguing that common parenting strategies are attempts to seal the fate of sons by coercing them to realise the dreams of their parents, Recalcati pivots from the Oedipus story to that of the biblical parable of the prodigal son. What the sons want is not what their parents desire or demand of them, he argues, but the space to create their own desires. Recalcati’s work has been the subject of heated engagement, most notably by Jacques-Alain Miller, the details of which those interested can discover by reading their exchange of letters here (in French).

Jordan Osserman talks to Amy Allen and Mari Ruti in the latest New Books in Psychoanalysis podcast about their recent Critical Theory Between Klein and Lacan: A Dialogue, which was published by Bloomsbury earlier this year. The result of a post-conference conversation between the Kleinian and Lacanian academics, they describe how the book took shape over a continued series of discussions in the weeks and months that followed, as they explored the areas of commonality and dispute between Klein and Lacan.

Turning to the latest journals, the newest issue of ‘Psychoanalytische Perspectieven’ on ‘Lacanian Psychoanalytic Technique Today’ was released at the end of Sept (English language). Guest editor Eve Watson brings together papers on resistance, memory, suggestion and transference, among others. Abstracts and details of how to order are available here.

Journal of the Lacanian Field, Parce que ce n’est pas ça (English language) published its latest issue last month. The September edition, available in full online, includes articles by Andrew Stein, A.R. Price, Jean-Michel Vives, Tim Themi, and Richard C. Ledes.

The latest edition of the online journal The Symptom is now available on The Symptom 18, for Fall 2019, adopts the theme of the XII Congress of the World Association of Psychoanalysis – on ‘Dream: Its Interpretation and Use in Lacanian Treatment’ – by offering many of the texts that are orientation reading for the Congress itself. Jacques-Alain Miller’s ‘Being is Desire’ and Eric Laurent’s ‘The Réveil (Awakening) from the Rêve (Dream)’ are foremost among them.

Among events, in New York on 4th and 5th October, Lacanian Compass will host Marcelo Veras, Analyst Member of the Escola Brasileira de Psicanalise, for a screening of his film The Madness Among Us (Fri) and a two-part lecture by Veras + clinical case presentation by Azeen Khan (Sat). Full details towards the bottom of this page.

The London Society of the New Lacanian School will be holding its Cartel Study Day with Frank Rollier on 5th October. Speakers who have been involved in NLS Cartels of the past year will give a day of presentations and discussions on their work. Oriol Cobacho, Henrik Lynggard, Nikos Skarvelis, and Scott Wilson will offer contributions. More details half-way down this page. The latest edition of 4+1, the NLS Cartels Newsletter featuring contributions in English and French, is available here. The day at the London Society will start with Patricia Tassara’s Pass Testimony: ‘From Dreams to Body Event’.

In Manchester, UK, the NWPRA will host Lacanian analyst Julia Evans for her talk ‘On Interpretation’ on Fri 11th October. A summary of September’s talk by Dr. Mark Fisher on ‘Where Does it Hurt? Pain and its Killing’ can be read on his site here.

Lacanian Compass will organise events on 25th-26th October in Miami, where Tom Svolos will discuss firstly ‘New Forms of Identity and Group in Post-Modernity’ in a public conference on 25th October. This will followed by ‘The Aims of Analysis’ (26th October), looking at the subject in the light of recent work within the World Association of Psychoanalysis drawing on the late Lacan. Details here.

On Saturday 26th October in London the Jung-Lacan Dialogues will recommence, with the eleventh in the series being on the topic of The Unconscious. Gwion Jones and David Henderson will elaborate the history and development of this concept in the work of Jung and Lacan and reflect on some of its implications for clinical work. Registration and tickets available here.

Lacan in Scotland is hosting a Lacanian psychoanalytic event on populism in the context of Brexit in Edinburgh on Weds 30th October. ‘The Dialectic of Populist Desire: No Deal/Halloween Special’ will see Dr James Smith, an English literary critic and political commentator, argue that “our discourse of ‘populism’ that has so dominated these post-2016 years has been insufficiently Lacanian, indeed, that is has often been ‘pre-Freudian’”. Sign up on Eventbrite here. Next month, on Weds 20th November, Lacan in Scotland will host Prof. Ian Parker in Edinburgh to discuss his new book Psychoanalysis, Clinic and Context: Subjectivity, History and Autobiography.

The Freud Museum London has two upcoming Lacanian events this autumn which will be of interest to readers. Darian Leader will talk about ‘Psychoanalysis and the Uncanny’ on 8th November, part of ‘The Uncanny: A Centenary’ event series which the Museum is hosting. A couple of weeks later on 21st November Dr Yael Baldwin, author of Let’s Keep Talking: Lacanian Tales of Love, Sex, and Other Catastrophes, will talk about ‘Words and Signifiers Still Matter: The Relevance of Lacanian Therapy Today’.

The Colorado Analytic Forum of the Lacanian Field will be welcoming Dr. Maria Lujan Iuale for its Fall International Seminar on Autism, 1st-2nd November. A Lacanian analyst in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Dr Iulae will speak about ‘Infantile Autism: from disturbance to the uses of the body?’. The event will be followed by a Halloween party.

Finally, thanks to Chaim Mendel, Richard G. Klein, and David Broder, Europe Editor at Jacobin Magazine, for bringing to light the translation of a 1974 interview with Lacan by Emilio Granzotto. An alternative version is also here for non-Facebook users, which seems to include a couple of earlier questions from the interview.

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