is a site for exploring psychoanalysis through the work of Jacques Lacan. It is an independent, non-partisan site with no affiliation to any Lacanian school, group or organisation. All content on this site is my own and original to 
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The name of this site – – describes an aim broader than its content: to encourage the dissemination of Lacan’s work online and to aid anyone interested in pursuing its study. With the vast majority of Lacan’s work now available online, for free, and in English the web offers the promise of digitalising not just the distribution but the production of work in the Lacanian field.
Lacan once said, “He who interrogates me knows how to read me.” The content of this site is written in that spirit of critique. Whilst I quote heavily from Lacan’s Seminar and Écrits in an attempt to explicate his thought, nothing here should oblige us to agree with Lacan’s views, those of his followers, or my own.
The site is a perpetual work in progress, but please feel free to leave comments or get in touch with me directly via
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Dr Owen Hewitson