Routledge continues to produce some of the best new works in the Lacanian field, and there are six new newly-announced tiles for upcoming publication worth mentioning this month.

First, Studying Lacan’s Seminars IV and V: From Lack to Desire, edited by Carol Owens and Nadezhda Almqvist, is now on the plan for January 2019. This is the first collection of essays devoted to two of Lacan’s early seminars, with chapter contributions on themes that cross Lacan’s clinical and theoretical interests in these two seminars – Phobia/Fetish, Lack, Phallus, Witz, the Graph of Desire, the Paternal Metaphor, and the Obsessional. Here’s the link to pre-order on the Routledge site.

Second, coming up sooner from Routledge – and as heralded previously on this site – is the first volume of new commentaries on the Écrits, edited by Stijn Vanheule, Derek Hook, and Calum Neill. Reading Lacan’s Écrits: From ‘Signification of the Phallus’ to ‘Metaphor of the Subject’ is a major release for this year and promises to be a much-needed resource for Lacan scholars and those coming from related disciplines. The cover and blurb can be previewed here. Scheduled for release at the end of August and available to pre-order now from Routledge or Amazon, it will be followed by the 2018 Lacan Écrits Conference in Ghent, 21st-22nd September. Registration for that is open here.

Third, the latest from the Centre for Freudian Analysis and Research Library, a translation of Genevieve Morel’s The Law of the Mother: An Essay on the Sexual Sinthome, will be published by Routledge in late November. Morel, a leading French Lacanian analyst practicing in Paris and Lille, looks at the power of maternal influences on the child and the questions around sexual identity and sexual ambiguity they give rise to. The book can be pre-ordered from the publishers Routledge or from Amazon.

Fourth, due for release at the start of October, is Lacan on Psychosis: From Theory to Praxis, edited by Jon Mills and David L. Downing. Aiming to distill Lacan’s views on psychosis for both a specialised and non-specialised audience, it contains contributions by Lacanian authors less well-known within the Anglo-Saxon world, including a chapter on ‘Problems of Femininity in the Psychoanalytical Treatment of Psychotic Women’ by the Quebec-based trio Willy Apollon, Danielle Bergeron, and Lucie Cantin, who run the Psychoanalytic Treatment Center for Young Adult Psychotics, also known as The 388. The book is also available for pre-order from Amazon.

Fifthly, Psychoanalysis between the Child and the Other: Exploring the Cultures of Childhood, by Mexican analyst Liora Stavchansky, explores what topology can contribute to clinical work with children, attempting to chart “how time and space are knitted together for children in psychoanalysis, and how a Lacanian approach can enable clinical practitioners and researchers to… conceptualise and intervene in the process of knitting and unknotting”. Pre-order is available from Routledge or Amazon.

Lastly from Routledge, Owen Dempsey’s Anticipation and Medicine: A Critical Analysis of the Science, Praxis and Perversion of Evidence Based Healthcare is a short volume due out in September which uses Lacanian discourse theory to critique the praxis of Evidence Based Medicine (EBM) and the capitalist interest in diagnosis, its impact on the patient, and the system of healthcare more widely. Dempsey is a medical doctor specialising in the care of marginalised communities including asylum seekers, refugees, and the homeless.

Also worth mentioning is that Routledge is offering a 20% discount on the recently-released volume Obsessional Neurosis: Lacanian Perspectives from the CFAR Library. Simply enter the code ATP20 at the checkout to receive 20% off when ordering here.  

Among other publishing houses, due at the end of the year from Palgrave is Fernando M. Murillo’s psychoanalytic critique of higher education, A Lacanian Theory of Curriculum in Higher Education: The Unfinished Symptom. It is scheduled for release in December.

Among the journals, the latest edition of The Lacanian Review, Issue 5 on ‘Delights of the Ego’ was released last month. Taking its name from the 11th Clinical Study Days organised by Lacanian Compass and the NLS in New York back in February, it includes a new translation of Lacan’s conference ‘Joyce-the-Symptom’ from 1975, and the commentary on it given by Eric Laurent at the NLS Congress in Dublin in 2016. (Radio Lacan also has recordings of the presentations at the ‘Delights of the Ego’ Clinical Study Days on its site). After this, with its current editorial board outgoing, the 6th issue of The Lacanian Review will be dedicated to the theme of the next NLS Congress – ‘Urgent!’ – as presented by Bernard Seynhaeve when he took over the presidency of the NLS at last month’s Congress. It will also mark the start of a new editorial team, with the future drafting of the Review entrusted to the English-speaking team at Lacanian Compass.

A new Lacanian journal in English has just been launched. Parce que ca n’est pas ca is now looking for paper submissions, and for the first number is publishing in all areas of the Lacanian field, especially papers on Lacan and translation. The editorial board includes Patricia Gherovici, Russell Grigg, Dany Nobus, Jean-Michel Rabaté, Mark Stafford, Andrew Stein, and Alain Vanier.

The new edition of JCFAR, the Journal of the Centre for Freudian Analysis and Research, is now available. Issue 28 contains a mix of papers on happiness and the end of psychoanalysis, reading Winnicott with Lacan, and distance and proximity in the words and images of Käthe Kollwitz.

Among events, on August 10th-12th the Australian Centre for Psychoanalysis will present its second International Lacan Seminar for 2018. Dr Sol Aparicio will present on the theme ‘The difference and the relation between the sexes’. Full details of the programme are available here. Details of the Centre’s other events, its publication ‘Analysis’, and psychoanalytic clinic are available on its site . Additionally, video of part of the seminar given by Dr Luis Izcovich at the ACP’s last International Lacan Seminar in April 2018 is available on YouTube.

Affiliated Psychoanalytic Workgroups has announced that its 2018 Conference, titled ‘Psychoanalysis: Science and Truth’, will be held in Boston, MA, from Friday to Sunday, 5th-7th October, 2018. Keynote speakers will be Tom Svolos and Renata Salecl. Registration for the event is now open here.

Lacanians may be interested in the upcoming ‘Psychosis and Psychoanalysis’ conference at the Freud Museum, London, which examines the history, politics, theory, and technique of treating psychosis. It follows the highly successful event held in March 2016 as a fundraiser for the Psychosis Therapy Project and among an interdisciplinary list of speakers Lacanian names include Berjanet Jazani, Patricia Gherovici, and Françoise Davoine. The event takes place in London on 8th September.

Some of the interviews from last month’s NLS Congress in Paris – titled ‘In a State of Transference’ – are now available on Radio Lacan. Available in English, participants from Toronto, Tirana, Amsterdam, and Berlin give their thoughts here. Linda Clarke talks here to Lieve Billiet about the regulation of the talking therapies in Belgium, and to Marina Frangiadaki about her experience working as a supervisor in the Center for Adolescents and Refugees in Athens. For those who speak French, NLS President Lilia Mahjoub gives an interview to Philip Dravers on the topic of the Congress. And lastly, the NLS Cartels presented four ‘Cartel Flashes’ during the Congress, which are available here – including an additional fifth paper by Shlomo Lieber from Israel anticipating the orientation of the next NLS Congress in Tel Aviv.

Finally, the title of the XIIth Congress of the World Association of Psychoanalysis (WAP, or AMP in French) was announced last month as ‘The Dream. Its interpretation, its use in the Lacanian cure’. The Congress is due to take place in Buenos Aires in 2020. More details will follow from the WAP shortly.

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