The publication schedule for 2017 continues to promise a flurry of new releases over the coming months.

Écrits translator Bruce Fink’s A Clinical Introduction to Freud will be one of the first, coming out 21st March in the US and in the UK on 2nd May.

Also just around the corner is the release of Luis Izcovich’s The Marks of a Psychoanalysis published by Karnac as part of the CFAR Library collection, which is due out in the UK on 28th April and in the US on 31st May.

The Palgrave Lacan Series continues to release some of the best new writing in the Lacanian field. As well as those announced previously on this site, 2017 and 2018 will see plenty more new work appear. Dany Nobus’ The Law of Desire is currently in production and due to be released in June, followed later in 2017 by Adrian Johnson’s Irrepressible Truth on Lacan’s ‘The Freudian Thing’. 2018 will see three further works in the Series: 2001: A Space Odyssey and Lacanian Psychoanalytic Theory by Daniel Bristow; Lacanian Psychoanalysis and its Mathematical Subjects by Jonathan Dickstein; and On Silence: Holding the Voice Hostage by Ed Pluth and Cindy Zeiher. Keep an eye on the Palgrave site for more details.

Lastly, in September Polity will publish the short collection Talking to Brick Walls, comprising a series of lectures given by Lacan at Sainte-Anne Hospital in late 1971-early 1972, which was released in French in 2011 as Je Parle aux Murs.

Among the new journals published last month, the Irish Circle of the Lacanian Orientation introduced the first edition of its newsletter, SCRIOBH, last month, which is available to read here. It features a translation of Jacques-Alain Miller’s ‘Anxiety Constituent and Constituted’. An aperiodic publication, the newsletter will aim to make available to the English-speaking community previously untranslated texts in the Lacanian Orientation and provide ongoing commentary on the work produced at the ICLO-NLS Study Days, Seminars, and other events.

Its fellow NLS affiliate, the London Society, also published issue 31 of its journal Psychoanalytical Notebooks, last month. Entitled ‘Brief Encounters’, it is available to buy via the group’s site in either print or ebook here. Also now available via the site are digital reissues of previously out of print editions, including issue 19 on Ordinary Psychosis. published The Symptom 16 last month, featuring a collection of articles new and old. Previous editions of its online journal are available here. Also check back on the site for the forthcoming publication of the latest edition of its print journal, Lacanian Ink 49, entitled L’escabeau. This will feature several new translations including Jacques-Alain Miller’s ‘Overture to the Reading of The Sinthome’, Lacan’s recently-published twenty-third Seminar in English translation.

Among upcoming events, with the next NLS Congress just around the corner in April, both the London Society and the Irish Circle will host preparatory events on the Congress’ theme, ‘About the Unconscious: Place and Interpretation of Formations of the Unconscious in Psychoanalytic Treatments’, in March. The London Society’s Workshop takes place on 18th March with the title ‘Follow the Red Thread’, while the ​ICLO-NLS will have its 5th Study Day on ‘The Unconscious: For and Against’ on 11th March with the participation of Lilia Mahjoub, President of the NLS. The NLS Congress itself takes place in Paris in 29th-30th April, and more details are being regularly added to its site at You can subscribe to the Congress’s newsletter halfway down the right hand side of that page. The Clinical Conversations of the Congress – in which four clinical cases chaired by Jacques-Alain Miller will be read and discussed – will take place on the Sunday morning and are open to all attendees. Registration for the Congress is open here.

The sixth in the Jung-Lacan Dialogues series, this time on the topic of transference, will take place at Middlesex University, on 11th March. Dr Barry D. Proner will be speaking on behalf of the Jungian orientation and I myself (Owen Hewitson) will present the Lacanian perspective. The event will be chaired by David Henderson and is free and open to all. More information on the event’s flyer here.

A Call for Papers has also been issued for the Psychoanalysis, Culture and Society Postgraduate conference hosted by the Centre for Psychoanalysis, Middlesex University, London, on Saturday 17th June. The one-day conference is designed to give students from all disciplines who are interested in psychoanalysis an opportunity to present and discuss their research in an informal and intellectually stimulating setting. Registration is available here and the deadline for submissions of abstracts is 31st May.

An invitation to join the Open Meeting of the Earls Court Clinical Group, taking place in London on 1st April, is now open for registration. Each of the four speakers (myself included) will give a short presentation on clinical topics of around 30 minutes each, including time for discussion. The event is free and all are welcome.

The Cyprus Society of the School of the Freudian Letter will be hosting a weekend of events on 25th and 26th March, with clinical and theoretical seminars from Francine Danniau, a Lacanian psychoanalyst practicing in Ghent, and the Society’s own Angelos Tsialides. Full details are available in the announcement on the group’s site here.

On 27th March in New York Analytica will be hosting its next ‘Late Lacan’ Seminar with special guest Dr Robert Samuels who will discuss the Trump election and his latest book Psychoanalyzing the Left and Right with Dr Scott Von. The event will be also be available via live streaming and eventually for download online.

Coming up later in the year, the Centre for Freudian Analysis and Research in London has announced details of its annual conference for Saturday 8th July. ‘Why Can’t We Sleep – Psychoanalysis and Insomnia’ will include the participation of Chloe Aridjis, Vincent Dachy, Marie Darrieussecq, Darian Leader and Leonardo Rodriguez. Full details available on the flyer here. CFAR has also launched its presence on Twitter and Facebook where more updates from the group can be found.

Birkbeck, University of London, is offering a short course on Lacan running this summer (14th-16th and 19th-20th June). ‘Lacanian Psychoanalysis: Theory and Practice’ is an intensive one week master class that approaches Lacan from a multidisciplinary perspective, equipping students with theoretical and practical insights into Lacanian thought as applied to both clinic and socio-political/cultural realms. More details and a link to apply are on the Birkbeck site here.

From previous events, a recording of Bruce Fink’s recent interview ‘Lacan on Love’ at the Freud Museum, London, is now available here. The talk coincides with publication of his book of the same name, the first commentary on Lacan’s Seminar VIII, Transference, and is available at the Freud Museum’s shop here.

Finally, a recording of Véronique Voruz’s talk at the ICLO-NLS last month on ‘The Place of Images in an Analysis’ is now also available thanks to Radio Lacan. Voruz discusses the so-called ‘triumph of the image’ in civilisation, “a triumph”, she argues “that psychoanalysis does not fall for”.

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