The US Library of Congress has just released 20,000 documents from its Freud archive, making them available digitally online for the first time. It is an absolute treasure trove of material stretching from 1851- five years before Freud’s birth – in the form of family papers and legal documents, to interviews and recollections of Freud up to the late 1990s. It also includes Freud’s correspondence with nearly 600 people, including his most famous patients such as the Wolf Man and Emma Eckstein, and notable contemporaries like Albert Einstein. There are no apparent records of correspondence with Lacan, however. The only known interaction between the two remains a short acknowledgement of receipt from Freud to Lacan for his doctoral dissertation in 1932. Although mostly in German, the archive contains one particularly gorgeous example from his English correspondence. This comes in the form of a frantic telegram sent to Freud by his nephew, Edward Bernays, conveying the latter’s horror that an American journalist had misrepresented Freud’s views on the ego and the id to her readers. Bernays pleads for Freud’s urgent clarification and the reply follows ten days later. It reads simply, “Never mind. Uncle”. Explore the collection in full here. A search tool to help navigating through the vast collection is provided here.

Among publications, Routledge will publish Rob Weatherill’s The Anti-Oedipus Complex: Lacan, Critical Theory and Postmodernism in mid-February. The book examines the impact of the anti-psychiatry movement, schizoanalysis, and the radical politics of post-1968 on psychoanalysis and cultural theory, up to the more contemporary ‘new subjectivities’ that are often cited in the present-day Lacanian field as evidence of the supposed collapse Oedipal frames of reference. It is available now to pre-order in the US and the UK.

Volumes 1 and 2 of Lacan’s Écrits: A reader’s guide from Routledge now have publication dates. Volume 1, subtitled Between the imaginary and the symbolic will be released in the US on 9th November and in the UK on 31st October. Volume 2, Between Freud and structuralism, currently has a release date of 31st January 2018 in the UK. The series will provide commentaries on the papers in Lacan’s Écrits from a variety of leading Lacanian authors.

It has also been announced that political theorist and literary critic Fredric Jameson is working on a book on Lacan, to be published by Verso in February 2018. Titled simply Lacan it will be a slim volume, under 100 words, on the model of Verso’s other short publications on Lacan.

Among the journals, the latest edition of the French-language journal Mental (no.35) was published last month, returning to the theme of last year’s NLS Congress in Dublin on Discreet Signs in Ordinary Psychoses. It features contributions from many of the analysts who presented papers at the Congress, and a contribution by Jacques-Alain Miller on new issues facing psychoanalysis in the 21st century, ‘On the nature of semblants’. It can be ordered from the ECF here.

Among events, Raul Moncayo will be in conversation with Dany Nobus at the Freud Museum, London, on Weds 29th March, discussing Lacan’s Seminar XXIII on the Sinthome. Moncayo’s commentary on this Seminar – Lalangue, Sinthome, Jouissance, and Nomination was published by Karnac last year just a month after the Seminar itself was published. Full details on the Freud Museum’s site and a link to register here.

Registration for the PIPOL 8 Congress coming up in Brussels on 1st and 2nd July is now open. Early bird rates apply till 28th February. A Call for Papers for the Simultaneous Sessions of the Congress will close on 20th February. Keep an eye as well on the PIPOL site which includes regular ongoing contributions on the theme of the Congress.

The New Klein-Lacan Dialogues seminar series will continue in London on Saturday 11th February, with the British Psychotherapy Foundation hosting the latest roundtable featuring Julia Borossa, Catalina Bronstein, and Claire Pajackowska as speakers. The latest event follows last year’s hosted at the Freud Museum to mark the publication of the volume by the same name, itself the successor to the original Dialogues which took place some twenty years ago.

Finally, in New York, Analytica will be hosting two sessions in Feburary, ‘The Late Lacan And Beyond: Ordinary Psychosis v Universal Madness’ on 6th February, and ‘Self Analysis and Co Analysis’ on 20th February. Both are presented by Dr Scott Von. More details on all events from the School can be found here.

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