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The English translation of Lacan’s Seminar XVI, ‘From an Other to the other’, has been announced for publication by Polity in September. It is now available for pre-order from Amazon or from the publishers. Edited by Jacques-Alain Miller and translated by Bruce Fink, this Seminar took place during the academic year 1968-1969, a critical time in French intellectual life because of the events of May 1968. Lacan’s audience at the Rue d’Ulm included many of the students who were freshly-enthused with revolutionary fervour from this time. Yet as Miller’s blurb notes, this year Lacan’s Seminar carried something of a deflationary message: “That ‘Revolution’ means returning to the same place. That knowledge now imposes its law on power and has become uncontrollable. That thought is censorship itself.” Jouissance, knowledge, and the inconsistency of the Other are among Lacan’s persistent themes throughout this Seminar. See the Polity site for more details, including the table of contents.

Newly-announced for publication in December is Jack Black’s The Psychosis of Race: A Lacanian Approach to Racism and Racialization. With an explication of Lacan’s study of psychosis – including the concepts of foreclosure, the Name-of-the-Father, and the sinthome – Black’s book seeks to explore the paranoia, delusions and anxieties that underlie the way race relations are framed. Cultural examples from the movies Candyman, Get Out, and the music of Kendrick Lamar are also employed in a critical exposition of the effects of racialisation and the limits to how we think, or think through, ideas of race.

Gender without Identity by award-winning psychoanalysts Avgi Saketopoulou and Ann Pellegrini was published last month by Unconscious in Translation. In this new publication the authors present a new theory of gender formation rooted in the metapsychology of Laplanche and in conversation with bold work in queer and trans studies. UIT is a highly-regarded publisher and its collection of original publications is strongly recommended. It was established in consultation with Jean Laplanche, Lacan’s one-time student, analysand, and life-long interlocutor.

Among the journals, out in June is The Lacanian Review issue 14, ‘On Repeat.’ It features texts by Lacan and Miller in both English and French, among papers by many other analysts and scholars. Subscriptions to the digital and paper versions of the journal made before 23rd June will receive this latest issue.

The European Journal of Psychoanalysis announced the publication its latest issue, Volume 10, Number 1 earlier this month. It includes papers examining AI, surveillance, and smart architecture from a Lacanian perspective; on perversion and the state with Lacan and Sade; and on Lacan and Islam. The journal is available under open access, free online.

All previous lectures from Prof. Dr. Samuel McCormick’s Lectures on Lacan series are now freely and fully accessible at the Lectures on Lacan Archive. This includes videos covering texts from the Ecrits, Seminars III, X and XI, and on the drive. Transcripts for these, and more videos, will be added soon. Additionally, the next series will be on Lacan’s iconic 1969-1970 seminar The Other Side of Psychoanalysis (Seminar XVII), and will be offered on a donation basis. The series begins 16 June. Full details here.

Stijn Vanheule’s talk ‘The clinic of psychoanalysis in times of capitalism’ from 7th May is now available on YouTube. Focusing on Lacan’s work on discourses of the late 1960s and early 1970s, Prof Vanheule explores the particularities of the capitalist discourse – which in 1972 Lacan added as a fifth discourse in addition to the four he had already specified in 1969-70 – and how it shapes the forms of suffering expressed by the subject today.

In the latest in his excellent YouTube series, Derek Hook looks at Lacan’s Seminar on ‘The Purloined Letter’, the opening paper of Lacan’s full Ecrits. The clinical implications of Lacan’s discussion of Poe’s short story – the ternary position of the subject, the effects of repetition automatism, and the primacy of the signifier – are brought to the fore. Hook also explicates the rather complex logic that Lacan develops in his text to show what happens when a symbolic system is superimposed on the contingency of chance events (the coin toss game in Lacan’s paper).

Video of Lacan in Scotland’s recent seminar with Meera Lee on ‘A Feminine Mode of Love’ is now available on YouTube. Dr Lee explores how the concept of perversion is considered a “feminine mode of love” and with reference to Freud’s cases of Dora and the so-called young homosexual woman she elucidates the relation between the feminine, fantasy, and the father. The event is chaired by Director of Lacan in Scotland Dr Calum Neill and is followed by a discussion with the audience.

Among events, the Lacan Circle of Australia will hold its Winter Webinar starting in July. ‘The Body as Rim-Bot’ will be presented by Serena Smith and take place on Saturdays July 8th, 15th, 22nd, 29th from 10am-12pm Melbourne time AEST. The events are hosted entirely on Zoom and are open to all.

Last chance to register for the PIPOL 11 Congress on the theme of Clinic and Critique of Patriarchy, which will take place 1st and 2nd July in Brussels. The event’s site has a wealth of preparatory material and reading, including an active blog and YouTube channel for those not able to attend the event itself.

Finally, a promotional video has been released for the 2024 World Association of Psychoanalysis conference, which will be on the topic ‘Everyone is Mad’. English subtitles are available. Gil Caroz and Ligia Gorini present the main themes of the congress, which will take place February 22nd-25th next year. Registrations are now open on the Congress site.

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