The Lacanian Review released its first issue in May. The journal replaces its predecessor Hurly-Burly as the Anglophone periodical of the New Lacanian School. The first issue – entitled Oh my God(s)! – deals with the interface between psychoanalysis, religion, and science. It includes a newly-translated text by Lacan on religion, and two texts by Jacques-Alain Miller, published in English for the first time. Its appearance is accompanied by an announcement from its editorial team, Marie-Hélène Brousse, Véronique Voruz, and Colin Wright. The new journal is available in a paper copy, digital copy, or both at a reduced price. Full contents and a link to buy or subscribe is on the ECF’s shop here. Separately, the print journal also has a frequently-updated online counterpart in the form of the Lacanian Review Online (LRO), which can be read here.

The Centre for Freudian Analysis and Research has announced its annual conference on the theme of Hysteria Today for Saturday 9th July in London. Speakers will include Patricia Gherovici, Anouchka Grose, Christian Hoffman, Genevieve Morel, Leonardo Rodriguez, and Anne Worthington. Despite hysteria having disappeared from mainstream psychiatry it retains a central place in Lacanian psychoanalysis and the conference will explore the forms that hysteria takes today in culture and the clinic. It follows the Centre’s publication of a collection by the same name at the start of the year. The full programme is on CFAR’s site here and booking online is available here.

A recording of Eric Laurent’s talk Contemporary Symptoms given in London on 19th May is now available, courtesy of Backdoor Broadcasting. This was the last in the thought-provoking series ‘The Speaking Body is Today’s Unconscious – Psychoanalysis in the 21st Century’, hosted by the London Society of the New Lacanian School and Kingston University (in collaboration with Art and Philosophy at Central Saint Martins).

Coming up on 17th June the Freud Museum London will be organising a roundtable discussion on ‘The Klein-Lacan Dialogues’. The successor to the original panel – which spawned a publication of the same name twenty years ago – will be followed by an event for the launch of The New Klein-Lacan Dialogues.

Similarly, the next event in the Jung-Lacan Dialogues series takes place on Saturday 4th June at Middlesex University, London. Full details are available on the event’s flyer (click to start the PDF download). The theme of the afternoon is on the ego, with speakers Marcus West representing the Jungian orientation, and Sam Palmer the Lacanian side. The event is free to attend.

In Cyprus, Angelos Tsialides of the School of the Freudian Letter will be continuing his seminar series on ‘The Inscription of Desire in the Letter’ on Saturday 4th June. This second seminar will be entitled ‘The Problematic of Knowledge as the Guarantee of Enjoyment’. The announcement and further details are available on the School’s site.

Also from the School of the Freudian Letter, video is now available on YouTube of Petros Patounas’ seminar in Belgrade, Serbia, on Saturday the 20th of February 2016. ‘The possibility of sexual relationships: What is Psychoanalysis?’ is part of the series ‘The Object of the Respiratory Drive: The Breath’.

Jordan Osserman’s new essay ‘On the Foreskin Question’ provides a fascinating Lacanian perspective on circumcision. Osserman looks at the different stances on the practice – drawing our attention to the surprising strength of feelings, in particular among self-styled ‘intactivists’ opposed to circumcision – and asks why the procedure is such a powerful vessel for all kinds of fantasies. A highly recommended piece on a mostly unexamined subject matter.

Lacanian psychoanalyst Darian Leader published his latest book Hands on 2nd June. Arising as a response to the oft-repeated claim that the digital era presents us with forms of subjectivity that are incontestably new, Leader’s book argues that these changes can be seen first and foremost as changes in what people do with their hands. It promises to be a fascinating read, like all of his previous works. The hardcover version is available to buy now in the UK, and the audiobook version in the US, with a sample available here.

In Amsterdam on 4th June, Anne Lysy and Rik Loose will be conducting a seminar on ‘Transference and Psychosis’, organised by the Lacanian Psychoanalysis Workshop – Popular University Jacques Lacan. The theme anticipates that of the NLS Congress in Dublin on discreet signs in ordinary psychosis. Details of the timings and location are on the NLS site here.

Lacanian Compass published the latest edition of its LCExpress, Vol 3, issue 2, in May. It features Lacan translator Russell Grigg’s paper “Remembering and Forgetting”. Read it here.

GIEP-NLS, the Israeli Society for Psychoanalysis in the New Lacanian School, announced the publication of the third issue of its journal ‘Et Lacan Actuel’ (in English) last month. It features papers from members of the Society as well as publications by Lacan himself – including the text of the Founding Act of L’Ecole Française de Psychanalyse from 1964 – and those of his former students, including Jacques-Alain Miller and Eric Laurent. Visit the Society’s Facebook page or on the New Lacanian School’s site for more information.

Finally, with the Xth World Association of Psychoanalysis Congress having wrapped up in Rio in April, a communiqué from the organisers last month announced that instead of a post-conference publication, dissemination of the work produced at the Congress will be through the WAP’s website. Already videos of the addresses by Jacques-Alain Miller, Guy Briole, and Miquel Bassols are available to view, with more content likely to follow.

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