More great events in October at The Freud Museum in London after its Festival of the Unconscious concludes. First is ‘The Effectiveness of Symbols’, its conference named after the Levi-Strauss paper so influential to Lacan in his return to Freud. Lacanian analyst Darian Leader will be speaking about symbolic function, and the keynote speaker will be Henrietta Moore, whose book The Subject of Anthropology: Gender, Symbolism and Psychoanalysis will be of interest to all Lacanians exploring this topic. There will also be an opportunity to hear analysts and anthropologists reflect on the autonomy of symbolic structures. More details and the full agenda here. Secondly, the Museum will host an Anniversary Debate marking 120 years since the publication of Studies in Hysteria, debating the motion ‘Freud and Breuer’s Studies on Hysteria is still highly relevant to the understanding and treatment of Hysteria as we now know it – Functional Neurological / Conversion Disorder’. Introductory lectures precede the debate itself and panellists arguing for and against the motion are listed on the event’s page here.

A new international forum of the Forums of the Lacanian Field will stage its first public event in London in November. Entitled ‘Versions of the Unconscious in Lacan’, the presentation by Dr Gabriel Lombardi from Buenos Aires will examine what is the Real at stake in psychoanalysis and the implications of this conception of the unconscious. The event will take place at the October Gallery, 4 Old Gloucester Street, London WC1N 3AL from 6-8pm on 23rd November. Tickets are £10 and places can be reserved by emailing The new forum will be officially affiliated to the Paris School of the Lacanian Field (led by Colette Soler and others). You can read more about the School, established in 2001, and the International of the Forums here.

The Lacanian School of Psychoanalysis has a year-long programme of events and seminars advertised on its site, spanning California, Philadelphia, Dallas, and open to those wishing to join online. The full list is available here. Among them, Dr. Cécile G. McKenna will be running a seminar series entitled ‘Lacan reads Freud’s cases’.

Also Stateside, the Philadelphia Lacan Group will also be running Seminars up to the end of the year on the topic of ordinary and extraordinary psychosis. These will be curated by Patricia Gherovici.

The École de la Cause freudienne launched Lacan-TV last month, a new platform to distribute videos of its activities, study days, and even some promised live events. The content is divided into several sections. Nous Deux comprises testimonies and interviews with both psychoanalysts and notable popular figures discussing contemporary psychoanalytic topics. Champ/Contrechamp is an engagement of psychoanalysts with those from other fields – chiefly science, politics, and the arts – on questions of interest to the current practice of psychoanalysis. Lacan Alive presents readings from Lacan’s Seminar and Écrits. And finally, Focus is devote to things seen and heard around the web, subjected to a Lacanian reading. Much content has already been added so check out and look out for further updates.

Colette Soler’s Lacanian Affects has now received an English translation, courtesy of Bruce Fink and publishers Routledge. It is due to be published on 30th October in the US and on 21st October in the UK.

Ahead of the 10th Congress of the World Association of Psychoanalysis to be held in Rio de Janeiro next April, the WAP has announced its clinical day on the conference’s theme, ‘The Speaking Body’. Five thematic axes give an orientation to the questions that will be the focus of the day: on sexuation, the sinthome, sublimation, interpretation, and fantasy. Registration is now open for WAP members, and for non-members as of 1st November.

The New Lacanian School of the WAP is accepting registration of cartels for the academic year 2015/16. Cartels can work either on a theme towards the next NLS Congress in Dublin next July – ‘Discreet Signs in Ordinary Psychoses – Clinic and Treatment’ – or on a theme of their members’ choosing. Registration of cartels can be entered here with the details of the members and their Plus One.

Lacanian Ink, the journal of, released issue 46 in September. The theme for this edition is The Talking Body, a title in line with the World Association of Psychoanalysis’ next Congress in Rio in 2016. It features the usual list of big-name analysts such as Jacques-Alain Miller and Eric Laurent as contributors.

The London Society of the New Lacanian School is beginning its series Nine Lacanian Lessons, “to introduce crucial ideas in contemporary Lacanian psychoanalysis”. Beginning in October and running through to July the course will be presented by Bogdan Wolf, Janet Haney, and Philip Dravers. The Society will also be hosting preparatory seminars ahead of the NLS Congress in July, beginning with a presentation by NLS President Yves Vanderverken on 10th October.

The Viennese Psychoanalytic Seminar is to host its first study days on 20th and 21st November in the Institut français d ́Autriche. ‘The Singular Effects of Psychoanalysis on The Clinic of the 21st Century’ is its theme and discussions on ordinary psychosis, the transference and addiction will be presented with clinical material. Translations into English, German and French will be provided.

September saw the launch of the Lacanian Review Online, a newsletter which will be published every Friday. The site where the newsletters will be archived – – hosts both this publication and The Lacanian Review, a printed journal following in Hurly-Burly’s footsteps. Read more about both here and the inaugural edition of the Lacanian Review Online here.

The online library of the London Society of the NLS has now been revamped, and a greater number of texts from the Society’s journal, Psychoanalytical Notebooks, are now available for free. Check them out here.

Audio is now available of the Irish Circle of the Lacanian Orientation’s recent seminar by Antoni Vicens entitled ‘Sex and the Body – From Sex to Love and Return’. The talk forms part of a series for which the general axis will be in line with next year’s World Association of Psychoanalysis conference on The Speaking Body.

The Centre for Freudian Analysis and Research in London has announced its programme of seminars for the autumn term. As well as the usual introductory lectures, the Centre’s programme includes talks on war trauma, desire and theatre, and one entitled ‘The Singularity of Taylor Swift’. The series runs up until 12th December.

The UK mental health charity Mind has announced two lectures given by prominent Lacanians for January. In the first Anouchka Grose will launch a new clinic for 2016 with a lecture on the value of therapy followed by Darian Leader later in the month with the annual lecture on working with psychosis.

For French speakers, the Swiss affiliate of the NLS, ASREEP, has published its contributions to May’s NLS Congress, Moments of Crisis, in its latest bulletin. The first part of its 29-pages collects “echoes” from the Congress by Miquel Bassols, Francois Ansermet, Florencia Shanahan, and Anne Béraud. The second part is devoted to the work of ASREEP in the last year, including its workshop on criminology, and productions from the cartels.

Also in French, UFORCA, the Jacques Lacan Popular University, has published the latest version of its bulletin. It can be read here.

Finally, French radio station France Culture broadcast a programme devote to the psychoanalytic question of sexuation and femininity in September under the title La femme existe-t-elle? It is available to listen to again here for a limited time. Lacanian analysts Clotilde Leguil and Colette Soler contributed.

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