As I was looking up references to rhetoric in Lacan’s work for a post I am planning to write on the subject I stumbled upon this site:

For any English-speaker who has ever struggled to understand anything of Lacan’s work beyond the relatively meagre selection currently available in English, the name Cormac Gallagher will elicit immediate recognition. His unofficial translations of the unpublished seminars are, as far as I know, the only way for English-speaking audiences to access the vast bulk of Lacan’s work. In and of themselves they are a fine achievement and a godsend for anyone eager to read Lacan closely.

But what his recently-launched site contains is sure to excite Lacanians even more:

“The main aim of this site is to present reliable translations of some 18 of these seminars along with introductory articles and commentaries. It also extends you an invitation to participate in this on-going work of Englishing Lacan” (link)

Whilst the site is still new and partially under construction, it has already gone a long way to fulfilling this tantalising promise. As a taster, check out:

I will let the site speak for itself and end this short post here. Suffice it to say I am delighted to have found this site and have great hopes that it continues to expand and offer more great resources for anyone interested in reading Lacan’s work in the English-speaking world.

Its value cannot be understated.

By Owen Hewitson,