What is psychoanalysis?

“A psychoanalysis, consists in speaking freely, in not hushing the ideas that go through your head, like we’re doing right now. Little by little, from within your own words, another meaning forms and surprises you, then falls apart, taking the pain with it. Usually, you discover just how conditioned you had been by apparently minute elements encountered in hazardous circumstances: things from childhood, meetings, certain words said to you, and we keep coming back to them until the malevolent charge of these elements softens. Each case is different.” (Jacques-Alain Miller, ‘Response to the Anti-Freudians’, Le Point, 22.09.05.)

Psychoanalysis is the purest practice of free speech

The maps below list Lacanian psychoanalysts practicing in the world today.

More cities and countries will be added over time; the map below is a work in progress and are not exhaustive.

If you are a Lacanian psychoanalyst and would like to be listed on a map please email contact@lacanonline.com or use the contact form on the About page.

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United Kingdom ¦ United States ¦ Australia ¦ Ireland ¦ Canada ¦ France ¦ Argentina ¦ Cyprus ¦ Hong Kong ¦ Mexico ¦ Costa Rica ¦ Chile ¦ Brazil ¦ Germany ¦ Belgium ¦ Haiti ¦ Portugal ¦ Switzerland


Alphabetical List of Lacanian Psychoanalysts in the UK


Bice Benvenuto

London, NW3

More information: http://www.cfar.org.uk/analysts.htm


Sophia Berouka

London, SE1

More information: www.sophiaberouka.co.uk


Alistair Black

London, SE15

More information: www.alistairblack.info


Dorothée Bonnigal-Katz

Primrose Hill Practice, London, NW1 and Leamington Spa, CV31

Tel: 07504 354046.


Luca Bosetti



Phone: 07717045060

Email: luca_bosetti@btinternet.com


Dr Howard Britton


More information: http://londonsociety-nls.org.uk/index.php?file=Members.html


Graham Bull


More information: http://www.cfar.org.uk/


Professor Bernard Burgoyne

N15 3PR

More information: http://londonsociety-nls.org.uk/index.php?file=Members.html


Vivien Burgoyne

N19 3EW

More information: http://www.vivienburgoyne.co.uk/


Camden Centre for Lacanian Psychoanalysis


More information: http://www.lacanianpsychoanalysis.co.uk


Julia Carne


More information: http://www.cfar.org.uk/


Heather Chamberlain

W1G 7HP and Lewes, BN7 1JA

More information: http://londonsociety-nls.org.uk/index.php?file=Members.html


Gillian Clayton


More information: http://bit.ly/vS5NJe


John Conolly

London, N8

More information: http://www.cfar.org.uk/analysts.htm


Lucia Corti

London, N10

More information: http://www.cfar.org.uk/analysts.htm


Vincent Dachy


More information: http://www.psychoanalysislondon.org.uk/our-analysts/vincent-dachy/


Marie-Laure Davenport

London, N10

More information: http://www.cfar.org.uk/analysts.htm


Philip Dravers

E5 0BB

More information: http://londonsociety-nls.org.uk/index.php?file=Members.html


Marc Du Ry

London, W1

More information: http://www.cfar.org.uk/analysts.htm


Simon Fisher

Liverpool L1 9EH

More information: http://www.markfisher.bacp.co.uk/


Amparo Tomas Garcia

24, Windlesham Road

Brighton. East Sussex. BN1 3AG

Mobile phone 07847859407

More information: LinkedIn


Penny Georgiou


More information: http://www.psychoanalysislondon.org.uk/our-analysts/penny-georgiou/


Astrid Gessert

London, NW5

More information: http://www.cfar.org.uk/analysts.htm


Iannis Grammatopoulos

Holloway, London

More information: http://lacanianpsychoanalysis.wordpress.com/


Julia Evans


More information: http://www.psychoanalysislondon.org.uk/our-analysts/julia-evans/


Rose Gallagher


More information: http://www.cfar.org.uk/analysts.htm


Betty Bertrand-Godfrey

London SW16

More information: http://londonsociety-nls.org.uk/index.php?file=Members.html


Anouchka Grose

London SE14

More information: http://www.anouchkagrose.com/


Richard Hand

London, E6

London, N19

More information: http://www.cfar.org.uk/analysts.htm


Philip Hill

41 Stanhope Gardens


N6 5TT

0208 340 9941

07791 305 785

More information: http://www.philiphill.com/


Andrew Hodgkiss

London, SE1

More information: http://www.cfar.org.uk/analysts.htm


Derek Hook


More information: http://www.derekhookpsychoanalysis.com


Alexandros Ilias

NW11 and SE1

More information: alexandrosilias.eu


Kay Johnson

London, N5

More information: http://www.cfar.org.uk/analysts.htm


Gwion Jones


More information: http://www.gwionjones.co.uk


Margot O’Donoghue

New Barnet, Herts

More information: http://www.psychologicalservices.co.uk/


Michèle Julien


More information: http://www.psychoanalysislondon.org.uk/our-analysts/michele-julien/


Michael Kennedy

London, SE1

More information: http://www.cfar.org.uk/analysts.htm


Richard Klein

N4 4EJ

More information: http://www.psychoanalysislondon.org.uk/our-analysts/richard-klein/


Darian Leader

London, NW3

More information: http://www.darianleader.com


Janet Haney

SE27 0AN

More information: http://www.psychoanalysing.co.uk/


Loretta Monaco

London, NW6

More information: http://www.lorettamonaco.co.uk/


Stuart Morgan-Ayrs BSc(Hons) BA(Hons) MSc(Psy) DHyp FRSSA FRSPH FIHPE

Edinburgh, Falkirk and Stirling




Peter Owen


More information: http://www.peteowen.co.uk



Sam Palmer

London, NW5

More information: http://www.psychotherapy-london.net/


Professor Ian Parker


More information: http://bit.ly/vwnTNC


Petros Patounas

9 Dartmouth Street,

St James’s Park,

London SW1H 9BL

Tel: 020 3239 6979

Email: petrospatounas@gmail.com

web: http://www.psychoanalysislondon.org.uk/our-psychoanalysts/petros-patounas


Stephane Preteux BACP – English/French

BSc(Hons) PG Dip. MSc Psychotherapy & Counselling

Tel: +44 7921 860 498



Hara Pepeli


More information: http://londonsociety-nls.org.uk/index.php?file=Members.html


Stella Ridley

Gosport, Hampshire, PO12 1BG

More information: http://www.solentpsy.com/


Alan Rowan

London, N3

More information: http://www.cfar.org.uk/analysts.htm


Susanna Simons


More information: http://londonsociety-nls.org.uk/index.php?file=Members.html


Gerry Sullivan

London, N3

More information: http://www.cfar.org.uk/analysts.htm


Laura Tarsia

London, W1

More information: http://www.lauratarsia.com/


Christos Tombras

London, NW6

More information: http://www.listeningtoyou.co.uk/


Gabriela van den Hoven

London, W2

East Dulwich/Nunhead

More information: http://www.psychoanalysislondon.org.uk/our-analysts/gabriela-van-den-hoven/


Caroline Vollans

London, NW3

More information: http://www.cfar.org.uk/analysts.htm


Véronique Voruz

Duke Street Practice London W1

More information: http://bit.ly/urUxYA


Lindsay Watson

London, NW5

More information: http://www.cfar.org.uk/analysts.htm


Barry Watt

London (Camden NW1 & Hackney E5)

www.wattpsychotherapy.com & www.primrosehillpractice.com

Tel: 07961662439


Jay Watts

London, EC1A 2EJ

More information: http://www.jaywatts.co.uk


Dr.Bogdan Wolf


More information: http://www.psychoanalysislondon.org.uk/our-analysts/bogdan-wolf/


Anne Worthington

London, SW2

More information: http://www.cfar.org.uk/analysts.htm


Natalie Wulfing


More information: http://londonsociety-nls.org.uk/index.php?file=Members.html


Marcin Zaremba

E1 4RR

More information: http://londonsociety-nls.org.uk/index.php?file=Members.html


Astrid Zeceña

London, NW3

More information: http://www.londonpsychoanalyst.com



Alphabetical List of Lacanian Psychoanalysts in the US


Maria Cristina Aguirre

Elmhurst Hospital Center, 79-01 Broadway, NY

More information: http://bit.ly/k5gl04


Isolde Alvarez

Miami Beach, Florida 33140

More information: http://bit.ly/mV9m5S


Martine Aniel

Berkeley , CA 94707

More information: http://bit.ly/oB7M6a


Alicia Arenas

Psychoanalyst Member of the World Association of Psychoanalysis and the Nueva Escuela Lacaniana (former president)

Director of the Florida Center for the Teaching and Research in Psychoanalysis

Member of the Board of the Lacanian Compass

Author of numerous publications on psychoanalysis

Has her practice in the city of Miami

Phone: 305 915 1937

Email: arenasalicia24@gmail.com


Josefina Ayerza

New York City, NY

More information: http://bit.ly/n8ouUC


Jon Bathori, Psy.D.

467 Hamilton Avenue, Ste. 22

Palo Alto, CA. 94301

Tel. 650.323.1225

Fax. 650.323.1277


Rebecca Bauknight

San Francisco, California 94115

More information: http://bit.ly/ovBhG8


P. A. Brown, PsyD



707-465-1000 x7130 AdSeg; x7802 SHU

707-951-9036 Cell

Brookings, OR and Crescent City, CA


Dr. Marcos Cancado

1577 Beacon Street – Suite A

Brookline, MA 02446

Ph.: (617) 519.0722


Mjriam Partipilo Cancado, LMHC

1577 Beacon Street – Suite A

Brookline, MA 02446

Ph.: (617) 686-9611


Sandra Cantor

Aventura, Florida 33180

More information: http://www.avpsygroup.com/


Maria Eugenia Cardona

Miami, FL 33193

More information: http://bit.ly/r9muo1


Marcelo Estrada

Berkeley, CA

More information: http://bit.ly/pdEPmr


Mary J. Ewert

San Francisco, CA 94115

More information: http://bit.ly/qIT7eA


Bruce Fink

McKees Rocks, PA 15136

More information: brucefink.com


Rolf Flor

P.O. Box 882

Lynn, MA 01903



Aranye Fradenburg, Ph.D.

Director, Literature and the Mind

University of California

Santa Barbara

Member, New Center for Psychoanalysis

Los Angeles

More information: www.aranyefradenburg.com


Ana Gandini (Spanish)

Orlando FL 32809

1 407 285 1198


Luiz Renato Gazzola

Butner, NC 27509


Philippe Gendrault

San Francisco, CA 94118

More information: http://bit.ly/mVLLhZ


Patricia Gherovici, Ph.D.

420 S. 17th Street Philadelphia PA 19146

(215) 985 0556 (office)

(215) 840 1750 (cell)




Alicia D Hadida-Hassan

Miami Beach, FL, 33140

More information: http://bit.ly/mV9m5S


Noemi Kohan

Miami, Florida 33129

More information: http://bit.ly/mV9m5S


Nate Koser

Harrisonburg, VA

More information: http://www.aporiacounseling.com


Juan Felipe Lemos Arango

Miami, Florida 33126

More information: http://bit.ly/mV9m5S


John Lino Gasperoni

Concord, CA 94520

More information: http://on.fb.me/oNQS0G


Marian Joycechild

Berkeley, California 94702

More information: http://bit.ly/9BIiGy


Kristopher Lichtanski

San Francisco, CA 94115

More information: http://bit.ly/qrkAh3


Liliana Macotinsky

Miami Fl 33496

More information: http://bit.ly/mV9m5S


Christopher Meyer

(323) 930-9662

5919 W. 3rd St.

Suite 1-E

Los Angeles, CA 90036



Los Angeles, CA



Dr. Raul Moncayo

Berkeley, CA 94703

More information: http://drraulmoncayo.com


Carmen Navarro de Niño

Houston, TX

More information: http://bit.ly/nxC3xo


Ellie Ragland

Columbia, MO 65211-1500

More information: http://bit.ly/qHi0BA


Maria Eugenia Rivera Cardona

Miami, FL, USA 33193

More information: http://bit.ly/mV9m5S


Jared Russell, PhD.

260 West 72nd Street #1C4

New York, NY 10023



Fernando Schutt

Aventura, FL 33180

More information: http://bit.ly/qsZFgg


Anna Shane

Kensington, CA 94707-1310

More information: http://bit.ly/iGFRUB


John Stone

Berkeley, CA 94705

More information: http://bit.ly/nP12Y6


Debnil Sur

Stanford, CA.

Email: debnil@stanford.edu


Thomas Svolos

Omaha, NE 68131

More information: http://bit.ly/p2MrIt


Mirta Liliana Tedesco Souza

Fall River , MA 02720


Karina E Tenenbaum

Miami Beach, Florida 33140

More information: http://bit.ly/mV9m5S


Barbara Tholfsen

Croton on Hudson and Manhattan

Contact number : 914- 271 1276


Fabien Tremeau

Hackensack, NJ 07601

More information: http://bit.ly/iEBhDp


Claudia Ubfal, LMHC

Aventura, Florida, 33180

Phone: 786-290-7855

Email: claudiaubfal@gmail.com


Jamieson Webster

30 Charlton Street

Suite 1

New York, NY 10014

Phone: +17187551705


Martin Winn

New York, NY 10003

More information: http://bit.ly/muD2TN


Jeanne Wolff Bernstein

Berkeley, CA 94710

More information: http://bit.ly/qyySxc


Alphabetical List of Lacanian Psychoanalysts in Australia


Dr David Ferraro

0430 377 580

76 McCracken St, Kensington, Melbourne




Paul Reid

96 Elgin Street, Carlton, Melbourne

Phone: 0420496599

More information: www.counsellingtherapymelbourne.com.au


Adam Szmerling

Bayside Psychotherapy

167 Centre Rd Bentleigh, Melbourne, 3204

Phone: 03 9557 9113

More information: www.baysidepsychotherapy.com.au


Elizabeth Theiler

Paradise Point, Gold Coast, Queensland Australia

Available via Skype and in person

Languages: English, French, German.

0421496559 Australia

Email: theiler@bigpond.com


Dr Nicol Thomas

45 Orrong Road

Melbourne VIC 3185, Australia

0432 221 027

More information: www.drnicolthomas.com.au


Alphabetical List of Lacanian Psychoanalysts in Ireland


Sarah McAuley

B.A. Reg.Counselling Psychologist

Msc.Psych. P.S.I. A.P.P.I.I.A.C.P

Dip.Clinical supervision T.C.D.



Karina Melvin BSc. Psy., MA., MSc. Psy.

Psychologist & Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist

Sandymount Psychotherapy



Elizabeth Monahan B.A., Grad.Dip. Psycho., M.Sc.,APPI Reg.Pract.

Email eliz.monahan@gmail.com

Web site www.sentioclinic.ie


Kevin Murphy, Reg.Pract.APPI.

Morrison Chambers,

32 Nassau Street,

Dublin 2.

Tel: +353 87 837 8293

Email: info@kevinmurphy.ie

Web: www.kevinmurphy.ie


Brian O’Connor

56 Lower Albert Road, Dun Laoghaire, Co. Dublin, Ireland

Telephone: + 353 87 284 7920




Carol Owens

7 Parkview

Brackenstown Road


County Dublin




Donna Redmond. MICP, MIFPP, regd. pract. APPI

Leeson Analytic Centre

39 Lwr. Leeson St.

Dublin 2.


Tel: 00353 876486379

Email: Donna.Redmond@leesonanalytic.com


Una Simms

Sorrento Psychotherapy & Psychological Services

12 Adelaide Street,

Dun Laoghaire,

Co Dublin,


Tel 087 6405149 and +353 1  822108



Marie Walshe, MA, Reg. Pract. APPI

Leeson Analytic Centre

39 Lower Leeson St.,

Dublin 2, IRELAND

087 234 3514



Eve Watson

39 Lower Leeson St.

Dublin 2

Tel: (353) (0)87-9678965

Email: eve.watson@leesonanalytic.com


Genevieve Watters

Leeson Analytic Centre


Victoria Cross, Cork, Co. Cork, Ireland


Alphabetical List of Lacanian Psychoanalysts in Canada


Hilda Fernandez

Vancouver, Canada

More information: http://www.hildafernandez.com/ or https://sites.google.com/site/lacansalon/members


Alphabetical List of Lacanian Psychoanalysts in France


Patrick Almeida

Tel/whatsapp +33642138137

75011 Paris




Cristóbal Farriol

10 rue Rubens, 75013, PARIS, France.

Email: cristobalfarriol@gmail.com

Phone: +33 (0)6 26 43 42 32

Languages: English, French, Spanish.


Emmanuelle Forner


23 rue Saint-Marc

22300 Lannion France


18 rue des Reculettes

75013 Paris

06 07 57 73 94


Ariane Husson

75 rue Clovis

51100 Reims


Tel: 06 71 88 83 96


Mariana Alba de Luna


6 rue du Pas de la Mule

75003 Paris


256 Boulevard Henri Barbusse

91210 Draveil


Eugenia Varela Navarro





Julia Richards

Psychologist, Psychoanalyst

Member of the Ecole de la Cause freudienne

8 rue du Clos Martin



90033) 671 0017 86


(English and French)


Mauricio Rugeles Schoonewolff

23, rue de Caumartin, 75009, Paris, France

Email: mauriciorugeles.s@gmail.com

Languages: English, Spanish, French, Portuguese and Italian


Victoria Woollard

75005 Paris

More information:




Alphabetical List of Lacanian Psychoanalysts in Argentina


Lic. Mariana Acevedo

Buenos Aires, Argentina


email: licmacevedo@gmail.com

skype: licmacevedo

web site: www.licmacevedo.webs.com


Claudio Rosso

Tel /Whatsapp +5493416409000


Santa Fe



Alphabetical List of Lacanian Psychoanalysts in Cyprus


Petros Patounas



Tel: 0035796452891

Email: petrospatounas@gmail.com


Angelos Tsialides



tel: +357 99879967

email: lacanianletter@gmail.com


Alphabetical List of Lacanian Psychoanalysts in Hong Kong


Dr. Diego Busiol, PhD

Clinical Psychologist and Psychoanalyst

Works in Hong Kong

email: diegobusiol@gmail.com

blog: http://diegobusiol.blogspot.hk/


Dr. Lee

Clinical Associate & Psychoanalyst

Arts in Psychotherapy

Email: artsinpsychotherapy@live.co.uk


Alphabetical List of Lacanian Psychoanalysts in Mexico


David Hafner

Universidad de Monterrey Av. Ignacio Morones Prieto 4500 Pte., Jesús M.

Garza, 66238 San Pedro Garza García, NL


Av San Jemo 235, San Jerónimo 1o. Sector, 64634 Monterrey, NL



Dr. Jorge Alberto Vargas Suárez

Autonomous University of Aguascalientes

Psychology Dept.

Av. Universidad # 940, Ciudad Universitaria, C. P. 20131, Aguascalientes

+52 (499) 196 94 00.


Ana Viganó

Miembro de la NEL y la AMP

+52 1 81 1320 0066


Cuauhtli 123 – Los Quetzales – San Pedro Garza García

CP 66278

Nuevo León


Av. Vasco de Quiroga 3900 – Torre A – Piso 10 – Santa Fe

CP 05300

México DF


Alphabetical List of Lacanian Psychoanalysts in Costa Rica


Adrian Price

San José, Costa Rica


Website: http://adrianrprice.blogspot.com/


Alphabetical List of Lacanian Psychoanalysts in Chile


Jorge Silva

Santiago, Chile

More information: http://www.jorgesilva.cl/


Alphabetical List of Lacanian Psychoanalysts in Brazil


Rodrigo Camargo

Rua Artur de Azevedo, 255


S. Paulo – SP


Tel. (55) 11 97606.1901



Alphabetical List of Lacanian Psychoanalysts in Germany

Andrea Monroy Toro

Berlin, Germany

Mobile: (+49) 0175 2595081

More information: http://www.andreamonroytoro.com



Alphabetical List of Lacanian Psychoanalysts in Belgium

Philippe Grisar

95 Vrouweneekhoekstraat

B-9100 Sint-Niklaas




Alphabetical List of Lacanian Psychoanalysts in Haiti

Egor Gavrilov

Psychoanalyst, psychologist

10A, Sonon Menos street


+509 44 53 22 52

Email: eegavrilov@laposte.net

Languages: French, English and Russian

Alphabetical List of Lacanian Psychoanalysts in Portugal







Languages: English, French, Portuguese and Danish

Alphabetical List of Lacanian Psychoanalysts in Switzerland

Robert Langnickel

Psychoanalyst, Psychologist

Member of the Board of the Lacan Seminar Zurich

Has his practice in the city of Winterthur (near Zurich)

Psychoanalytische Praxis am Stadthaus

Oberer Graben 48

8400 Winterthur


Tel: +41 79 133 73 00

Email: anmeldung@psychoanalyse-winterthur.info

Languages: English and German