Links to articles written on psychoanalysis by other Lacanians

Articles by Jacques-Alain Miller

Articles by Paul Verhaeghe

Actual Neurosis as the Underlying Psychic Structure of Panic Disorder,

Somatization and Somatoform Disorder

An Integration of Freudian and Attachment Perspectives

Sexuality in the Formation of the Subject

Actual Neurosis and PTSD: The Impact of the Other

Phallacies of Binary Reasoning: Drive Beyond Gender

Lacan’s Analytical Goal: Le Sinthome or The Feminine Way

Causality in Science and Psychoanalysis

Mind Your Body and Lacan’s Answer to a Classical Deadlock

Subject and Body: Lacan’s Struggle with the Real

Social Bond and Authority

Everyone is the Same in  Front of the Law of Difference

The Collapse of the Function of the Father and its Effect on Gender Roles

Causation and Destitution of a Pre-Ontological Non-Entity

On the Lacanian Subject

The Crucial Problems

The End of the Treatment, Transmission and Institutionalisation

Teaching and Psychoanalysis: A Necessary Impossibility

The Riddle of Castration Anxiety: Lacan Beyond Freud

From Impossibility to Inability: Lacan’s Theory of the Four Discourses

Neurosis and Perversion: Il n’y a pas de rapport sexuel

Psychotherapy, Psychoanalysis and Hysteria